Music is an integral part of the worship of God, and at Piedmont Bible Church one of the ways that we offer worship to God is through music. At PBC our emphasis is on congregational singing and we believe that music in the church should reflect the congregation’s heart of worship. In other words at PBC we sing our theology. This conviction works itself out in the following ways:
  • Because our musical emphasis is on offering worship to God through congregational singing, we focus on songs that everyone can sing. Furthermore we focus on familiar songs and hymns, so that everyone can focus on offering worship to God in song.
  • Because we sing our theology, the songs and hymns we sing have rich biblical lyrics that extol the triune God and celebrate the grace He has shown sinners through the atoning sacrifice of Christ on the cross. If we wouldn’t preach it in the pulpit, we won’t sing it from the pews.
  • Because we stand in a long line of believers, we embrace the timeless truths about God found in older hymns. If God was a mighty fortress to Luther, He remains a mighty fortress to all believers, and believers in this time worship the same God as the apostles, the church fathers, the reformers and all believers for the past two thousand years.
  • Because we sing our theology, we evaluate the content of all songs in the light of Scripture. Old or new, if a song is not theologically correct or God honoring we won’t sing it.
  • Because our congregational singing is worship, the sole intended audience is God. Because we are singing to God, we sing with reverence.
  • Because singing praises with understanding (Psalm 47:7) is essential to proper worship, our song leader and worship team lead the congregation with an emphasis on clarity, not performance. We desire to sing congregational songs that are not difficult to follow and not focused on the stage.
Music is not just a matter of biblical conviction however; it is also a matter of preference. Scripture is absolutely silent on style of music, other than a general commendation of variety (Colossians 3:16), therefore PBC esteems no one style of music above another. At Piedmont Bible Church, we tend to prefer more traditional modes of musical worship on the Lord's Day. Therefore we consistently sing traditional hymns accompanied by a piano as well as including theologically rich contemporary hymns and songs.
If you have a different musical preference, we want you to know that you are entirely welcome at PBC.  As believers, we are called to prefer others to ourselves, and one of the ways we grow in love for one another is by practicing preferring one another. 

If you prefer traditional worship music, we would also like to mention that we are a multi-generational and multi-cultural body and our focus at PBC is not on the music, but on the faithful preaching of God’s Word and growing together in love for one another and more importantly love of God.